Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some new goodies

I have bought some bautiful new paper that I have trying out for some of my cards. My photography skills are a little below average.....

Another interesting story.
four year old Dad did you know that you have boobs???

Dad a little shocked and speechless

four year old Don't worry dad, I don't have boobs I just have nibbles.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Fun

I had a great weekend of celebrations.
Our first celebration was that we went to a friends 40th birthday party which was super-fabulous. It followed a very high-bred version of party finger food. Not a party pie to be seen but replaced by a mini beef and burgundy pastry with tomatoe relish. Small bowls of chicken ceasar salad and saffron risotto with parmesan were handed out. Salt and pepper prawns with vietnamese salad. ooooohhhhhh so much more but because it was washed down with moet I can't quite be sure. Yes, you read it - Moet Chandon and more Moet Chandon. I tell you -Fabulous!! The Birthday girl looked ever so cool and sexy - she thanked this but I think she owned the birthday glow. Her funny and charming husband made a great dvd of her life and to top it all off......drum roll.......there were profiteroles!!
And being sugar-free I didn't indulge - how dumb am I ????
There were also tiny lemon meringue pies and exotic flavoured ice cream with mint fairy floss on top.
I almost felt famous .... until it was time to relieve the babysitter.

Second celebration was a beautiful cosy first birthday party. An afternoon tea with an abundance of toys to keep children amused.What more can one ask for????
So Happy birthday Natalie and Happy first Birthday Elliot. Hope all your dreams come true.

Note to self : must get back onto sugar wagon

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sugar - free

After eating (literally shovelling) fluffy bright green mint cream into my mouth ( middle of a mint ripple mud cake mmmmmmm) I actually thought what on earth am I doing? Are my sugar cravings leading me so astray that the thought of eating green cream is actually inviting??? Ofcourse, in total impulsive fashion I thought I would go totally sugar-free. Rid my body of such impurities! Anyone who knows me realises that this is quite a challenge. No more sugary tea. No more soft drink. No more raiding my diabetic husbands hypo stash of chocolate bars. Oh my - no more chocolate bars.No more chocolate royals. I will stop now otherwise we will be here for days.I am now 10 days sugar-free....... and it hhuuurrtttssss. Yes,it is really hurting my feelings.
However,strange things are happening. My headaches have settled down considerably. I am sleeping better and have more energy. My peepers are open BEFORE the alarm - even before the kids. My mood is a little lighter and I seem to be constantly smiling at strangers.
I am now a believer.
Give it a try

My slump in motivation is now a distant memory and have been working on some new cards so here is a peak.

Stay tuned - more in my bag of goodies

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sleepover Fun

Isn't it great when your child has found another child to boss around and then that child in turn has to find another to boss around. The circle of agest rivalry!!! That is what we had at my house this weekend but oh what fun was had by all! We are very lucky that in my immediate family we have had little girls. So in our mini gang there is a 4 year old a two year old and a ten month old.We are also lucky that our mini gang love each others company.Ofcourse I felt compelled to share a few snaps.

The brekky race is on...

Artists at work

Kisses all round

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ohhhhh Looorrddyyyyy

Now Ladies listen up. He is better than a block of cadbury on the couch. He is better than a childfree afternoon with a footrub on the couch. The only thing that could possibly be better if HE was rubbing your feet whilst feeding you chocolate on the couch............
Ok my fantasy is over.
It is HUGH The one and only. The most gorgeous ,sexy,Aussie on the planet. Now,this has been previously been mentioned by Sammy so I think you Ladies must be getting the message.If you have not seen the The Boy from Oz go now.
Like right now.
Get off this computer.
Ladies, why are you still here??????
This show is the ladies Viagra.
Extremely Strange concept, considering it is about a gay mans life! Somehow,somewhere Hugh does it for us Ladies and that is not taking away from his camp-like "ra-ra-ra stick-it-in-a-jar" performance.
I have to say as fabulous as Hugh is,it isn't just his wonderful performance of the late great Peter Allen, it is the whole fantastic ensemble.
Chrissy Amphlett as Judy Garland is amazing -
Colleen Hewitt as Peter's Mother is fabulous.
I am going to stop now because if you haven't got the hint now you never will.
GO FORTH AND PAY HUGH A VISIT you will not be disappointed!
I am off now to my real world. Bugger. Thanks Hugh , it was all worth it.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Home of their Own

After having a wonderful weekend - eating,eating and more eating Monday came with a bit of a thud. My first.gymbaroo class with my ten month old was a d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r .A screaming child for 45 minutes is no fun for anyone!That self consciousness just wouldn't go away and ofcourse I found myself wondering why on earth we came. Alas we shall try again next week....... That little hiccup seemed to spread a grey cloud that didn't want to go away and I couldn't seem to get myself together to work so off I went to visit a lovely little jewellery shop The Jewelled Oasis. Not only does this shop have some beautiful indivual pieces of jewellery they also have some great gift cards. By me!!! They finally have a whole card rack just for them! OOOOHHHHHH my babies,finding a home of their own!

It was definitely a nice boost for the day and another reason to keep going ...even when you don't feel like it.

Friday, August 11, 2006


After being tagged by Aunty Cookie I thought I would share a few secrets. Obviously they are about to lose their highly important status of being my secrets but oh well..... ( I am quite boring ).

I once pretended that John Taylor from Duran Duran was my cousin. ( I know,dumb secret)

I have had an inappropriate dream about Shannon Noll (wwwhhhhaaaatttt ??? I hear) and Matt Damon. ( understandable!)

I snuck a drag of my mums cigarette whilst she was vacuuming and had her back turned then proceeded to have severe asthma for the rest of the day. ( I was about five.)

I have issues with people that have a turned eye and cannot look at them.

My best friend and I faked a car break down just so we could get some specific help from some specific males. ( Its ok I married him!)

I have had severe postnatal depression with both of my daughters.

A new card I have just made for my Mums birthday - that is a secret til Sunday...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Boys are back in town

Something for the Boys...........

No crazy news to report....We are all snotty in my house.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chivalry is Alive

Just not in my house.
Whilst doing the Kinder drop off it started to pour with rain.Bucketing down.Fine - we need the rain. However, my little one who is constantly slung onto my hip amongst the drop-off/pickup chaos didn't have any wet weather gear on.
How am I going to get down the long path,down the street,wait at the lights,cross the road and then walk up to my car without her getting soaked?? How am I going to explain this to human services when they get phonecalls from all the other Kinder Mothers whom give me the dreaded judgmental glance??It's not like she was in the nude????
So,I did the mad dash down the path and then, to my surprise was met by a suited and booted middle aged man with an umbrella who sheltered us all the way to the car! How Nice! I couldn't thank him enough! Just when you have lost faith in has made my day.

However, now off to sell my soul(my cards actually) to a little giftstore down the road from me - a sneak preview of her request

I was lucky enough to recieve a parcel of goodies yesterday from
jen thankyou.I cannot wait to use those gorgeous buttons!

Just a little something to share...........
four year old " Mum do you know what diarrhea is?"

Mum " No ....What is it? " (bracing myself for this one)

Four year old " It is poo with no corn in it"


Don't have anything more to say about that!