Tuesday, September 26, 2006

School Holiday Delight

Well I am totally knackered! Not sure how politically correct that term is, but that is exactly how I feel. Today I went to the The Show.
Every childs dream and every parents nightmare!
The crowds ,the money sucking machines that seem to be around every corner.The navigation skills that are required to get around and then the showbag negotiation! I had to admit that the train ride was nearly as exciting for my daughter as the show itself - except no nursery animals to pat and no jumping castle. Violet was also most impressed because we were accompanied by her partner in crime and her partner in crime's Mum. Ice cream was eaten,sugary drinks drunk and the same crappy showbag chosen - again. Oh well, another year of the show gone and can hardly wait til the September School holidays come round again next year so we can go again.Really.Truly.Honestly.

Ok so even if Mum is a little weary if that isn't a little girl having fun I don't know what is!!!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

On the Recieving End

I have recieved some great paper from a collage swap I participated in. Not only cool paper but aan embroidered button - how cute! Yumbo - scored a whizzfizz also !! Now that brought me back to my days of Little Aths - they were 45c then and every now and then I used to get one after begging and pleading with Mum and Dad to buy me one. Peer group pressure really, every kid seemed to be munching on one - maybe they thought it would make them run fast.

Another strange reference to my Little Aths days was my second recieved paper swap.It had some pages out of Athletic Instruction book - I llluuurrrvvveeeedd it! This brought back memories of my Mum and dad making me drink rice water before an event. For those of you that do not know what that is, please let me explain. It is the water that rice has been soaking in - full of starch and meant to give you energy.What a load of crap!! It tasted disgusting and I gagged every time I drank it.It would be fair to say that all I wanted was some cordial like all the other kids! GGeee do you think I am scarred?????
Anyhoo , this was the most amazing swap with the most eccentric pictures in it - I really can't wait to use them. I especially love these -

How cool is this......

I love this knitting lady.....

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Craft Scmaft

So who said I wasn't crafty???? Where have I been hiding such talent I hear you ask...
One of these tops are for my youngest daughter Saffy so it really doesn't matter what people think of my sewing skills. However, the B applique top was for a boy in oldest daughters Kinder class , thus meaning I will have to show my face and stand tall to any critics. Ofcourse, I am hoping there isn't any!

I went to very lovely first birthday party this weekend that was filled with glorious food and great company. The Father of the gorgeous one-year-old gave a heart felt speech that acknowledge the child and the Mother. Well, highfive to you Janey and well done Anthony because we all know how exciting it is to celebrate a one-year-olds birthday. However,this was a great milestone for the mother also - because this was a year that was filled with personal struggle on many levels. The life change of career,coupledom and becoming a family isn't always as rosey as we would all hope it to be. Infact, sometimes the joy of it all seems to have gone a lloonnnggg holiday and you wonder if it is ever going to come back. Well in this case it did and I am so glad we were allowed to be a part of it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Baby Steps

I have begun to roll the ball. The ball being the one that rolls toward selling your house and purchasing another.It should be called the stress ball.Trust me I have bigger things to be stressed about at the moment however we shall be focusing on this stress at the moment.
My first step was to try and find an agent and see what they had to say ........ Loooorrrddddyyyy is it a competition to be my best friend?? So who do I choose? the woman who became so enthralled in my cards that I thought she may open a store just to solely sell them or the woman who came to my house with two lunch boxes packed with promotional toys for my girls? ( with their names on them??!!)
I don't need a new best friend - quite satisfied with my current one - but thanks anyway.
I just want you to love my place and want to sell it for the best posibble price.
Anyhoo some big decisions to be made............

Here is my first attempt to share my work in progress.

It doesn't quite look as wonderfully creative as others but the world of card making isn't particularly glamorous nor do I carefully place my work to be photographed.I am afraid I have a rather slap-bang approach.

Here are some photos of some more Japanese Yuzen paper I am using at the moment.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Garage goodies

Look at what I managed to get my hands on at a garage sale!!!!! ( please excuse my photography skills - but I think you may get the drift )

How fantastic! I got two glorious rolls of this vintage wallpaper.

I had my first officail meeting with a wholesale paper supplier - it was very nerve wracking but worth every penny! Here is a little peak at some of the beautiful Yuzen paper I bought.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Are you ready for this Jelly??

Since childhood I have had secret fantasies of being on Video Hits. Although back then it may have been repeat shows of Countdown..... or Sounds... ( geez remember that!!) I never wanted to take the limelight just a backup dancer would have done me fine. However,considering the only reason I got into the school Rock Esteidford was because my friends choreographed it I think that can give you an idea of my dancing skills!
However, I am hot again!!
Lights are off.
Disco ball on.
Music pumping.
GGGooooo Body Jam. It is soooo much fun. So , what is the big deal that I was the oldest female there.( By atleast eight years!) Did it really matter that I wasn't sporting combat pants and a crop top? My Abs haven't come back from holiday yet - hence no crop top. Did it really matter that I occasionally turned the wrong way and used the wrong foot??? I think not!
There were words like " pump it" "stomp it" "shimmy" and "pulse". OOOOOOOOooohhh it was exciting. It was exhausting - but in a good,just had a workout kind-of-way. Working up a sweat has never been so much fun!
So, look out Beyonce, I am Back!