Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tap Tap Anyone there??

I have been lucky enough to find a Saturday Morning Activity for my four year old daughter that she loves.Loves.Loves. It is so relaxed and casual - you don't have to sign up for a term (extremely handy for financial reasons and for the unpredictable ) and you get to be like your favourite
Aunty. Yes,by the way,she taps! I Know,annoying isn't it??? Not just that making-a-bit-of-noise tap, the really super-cool,co-ordinated,kick arse dancing extravaganza type of tap dancing! Her talent is endless....
Anyhoo, if you are looking for a super- fun activity for your child,then check this out Miss Caroline.

These are my latest creations in the card-making scene. Hoping to get busy this week.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thank God for Mums

I often wonder if there is a specific age that you reach that you don't need your Mum.
If there is I would like to know it. I am 32 Years old and I have two children of my own so I guess I just assumed that with gaining some dependants you lose being an emotional dependant yourself. (you know,out with old in with new)
HA! How wrong am I?!
Yesterday I had one of those days that my mum came to the rescue. I had such a severe headache I could barely talk or open my eyes - no more gross details - but it was my mum who dropped everything at work, took me to the doctors, then to the hospital.It was Mum who sat around for 4 hours before I was seen in emergency.It was my Mum who picked up my girls from Kinder and Childcare.It was mum who organised the bottles, nappy changes and stayed the night so I could just sleep the pain away. However, with this sorry mushy post some entertaining conversations went on between my four year old and her Nannee.

NANNEE; Come here and stand still,I need to clean your face
FOUR YEAR OLD; It hurts (whining)
NANNEE; Last week I did this to Matilda and she didnt fuss at all
FOUR YEAR OLD; Well I fuss all the time
NANNEE; Yes, you are a bloody fusspot!
FOUR YEAR OLD; No I'm not!
NANNEE; Yes you are!
FOUR YEAR OLD; No I'm not!
NANNEE; Yes you are !!

And it went on....... When bedtime came my four year old asked if Nannee could now leave and not come back in the morning to which she got the response "I'm staying around like nightmare". You see, my mum takes no fuss and my daughter fusses all the time,but I guess you gathered that. You probably also gathered that My mum is a "take charge" kind of person that you just dont mess with,so when my four year old pulled out this ripper I truely feared for her life.

FOUR YEAR OLD;Nannee you are a f@#%!
NANNEE; What did you say?

And yes,she repeated it!! Twice!!

Although she had no idea what she was saying it was probably the worse time to decide to bring that treasure into her vocab.
However,the scariest moment of all was when I asked her where had she heard that word from? For a moment I actually thought she may have said "you mummy". Alas, I recieved the shrug response and she got the standard "I never want to hear that word again etc etc"

Ofcourse,Nannee just took it in her stride as all Nannees do - although me, the four year olds Mum is now going to have to spend a bit more time on the therapy couch because of that one!

I wonder if my Mum will drive me??........

Friday, July 21, 2006

And then there was none

After hearing the very exciting news that one of the shops I supply had sold out of my cards I ventured off again to show the owner my new stash of cards. Needless to say this was a little nervewracking so I was thrilled when she bought more to fill her shelves (double the quantity this time - woooohooo) Here is a few of the ones that she bought.

Apart from my handmade cards(plug plug)there are fabulous goodies in this great shop winkle and what is even better is that they only stock product that is made locally.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

humble beginnings

Well I have finally taken the plunge into the land of blog...... It will be interesting to see what is really out there or more to the point will anyone out there be interested in any of my ramblings. I feel that I must warn you they may contain notions of motherguilt,paranoa and tails of my latest gym class obsessions. I guess in all honesty I have been inspired by my blogging comrades and in awe of such amazing craftiness and cleverness that goes on in blogland. I then went with the old attitude "if you can't beat them join them"!! I have been creatively challenged for approximately 32 years, so here goes.

I am hoping that maybe somehow this will help me find the creative genius that lurks inside of me! My latest works have been in the world of handmade cards.I have found a definate love of Japanese papers and designs. Then ofcourse my fabric flowers which bring me such joy - more theraputic really,sitting on the couch hand sewing whilst watching Greys Anatomy has alot to be said for!

I will now attempt to do some more work whilst kidlets are not here..... Here is a sneak of a few of my new cards.

Or more to the point reading my fave blogs and drinking cups of sugary tea whilst consuming arrowroot biscuits.........what a waste of time that pump class was then.......