Thursday, July 17, 2008

no photos please

I have been putting off doing a blog post because I cannot find the mini memory card that goes into my camera,copies the snaps,then into my computer and then onto my blog.Tada!!!. Then I realised that I dont have anything crafty to take pics of nor do I rearrange my house and spend hours getting the right light to take a picture. Becasue it just isnt that kind of blog.So I really was running out of excuses. So instead of watching of my kids stuffing their faces with Spaghetti I thought I would hide out in the spare room and write in peace. Did I say peace? because I dont want to jinx myself.

no peace to be had in this house of late. Kids that do not want to go to bed. And some times when they are in bed they want to either wet it or just get out of it at odd times in the night.

I cant even take a snap of my disgusting ganglion cyst that is on my wrist. Trust me if you saw it you so would not want to be my friend. I diagnosed myself ofcourse, because I obtained my medical degree from google.

I cant take a snap of all the ace pics I have been getting off etsy. You will just have to trust me.

And for all you nice readers that asked about my dad - he is fine. Tumour benign and removed completely.Very lucky for a man who has fagged and drunk all his life. But he is as chirpy as ever and doing great guns. As for my beautiful friend who lost her darling little boy - well what can I say ? Life is cruel sometimes but she is doing the best she can.( which is pretty bloody amazing if you ask me!)

ps thank god school is back!