Friday, August 24, 2007

Flashback Friday

Here is a picture of me ( with my stylish five year old bouffant ) with my older sister after my very first sports day at primary school. I was in the gold team hence the yellow tshirts - my sister was the captain so I think I thought she was the best thing ever. I had a blue ribbon because at a very young age I was freakishly fast at running. Ha gone are those days!!
"go little fella run like the wind"

I had been eyeing off this digital pic on canvas for a while so I decided to get it. It is by a local girl. I wish I once looked that cool!!!

Hoping to have a weekend of sunshine and of course the obligatory stuffing my face, especially after the crazy week of trips to the post office trying to organise passports, costumes for book week and a crazy non stop growing puppy who has turned out to be a whippet cross blue heeler instead of a whippet cross jack russell - yes I know I am still laughing and gasping.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Adventures of .... Trude and Pru

Dear Pru
Hope Norrsa is fab. The Market is diviarne. The shirts are getting a great response especially nnorw Im wearing one - sooo glad we increased the collar by 1cm - when you wear it up it looks sooo much better. Some new retailers around, this nnuuew stall holder Aunty Cookie is sooooo busy she does goorrgeous little drawings and fabric. Darl she says to just relax? Anyway Jane and the girls from the tennis club are here so I'll send you another email soon. Darl I am getting so tarred that I'll have to go up to the house in Norrsa once its all over.

Bar Bar
Trude xx

Ok so I am being a little cheeky but after my stint at Magnolia Square I think I earned the right! Shan's stall was looking hot and it was great fun meeting some other bloggers. Kind of weird knowing so much about peoples lives and then seeing them in the flesh - and even if this was slighlty stalkerish of me I recognised Jo from jelly babys' kids before I even saw her. So lovely to meet Jodie,Annie (even if they were the craziest!!!!)Jo,Bec, Cathy and Stacey. Apparently Miss H&B popped by but the hooch didnt say Hi!!!! Anyhoo, life will be getting back to normal a bit now because after two trade fairs and Magnolia Square I am a little tired of smiling all the time not to mention missing my husband and kids etc yadayadayada.Looking forward to catching up with some friends and filling some new wholesale orders ... but more of that later.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Flashback Friday

This is a picture of moi and my sisters , circa 78' ... I think. Nice overalls thanks Mum. Cannot believe that pudgy kid in the middle is now a stick thin insect. Whenever I look back on photos of me as a young girl ( I say Girl because I know you are all thinking who is that little fella in the brown overalls??) and complain to my mum about the outfits we were dressed in,"Apparently" we were very fashionable and were dressed in Mothercare clothes. How very International. I will let you be the judge of the fashion stakes.

I have just finished working at the Gift and Jewellery fair in Melbourne.My cheeks are sore from smiling.Sneakily scored some new customers for my own business.HA ha yippee. Off to the Fine Jewellery fair on the weekend so if my posts are few and far between its because I am smoozing with some diamond lovin retailers.