Tuesday, October 23, 2007

birthdays and special friends

Well although I haven't posted for a while ( because I am a lazy cow) you would think I have some exciting news. But I have nothing.

Ok here are some semi exciting tidbits...

My youngest daughter turned two - and ooohhh so cute because she is slowly bearing weight and taking some steps when I hold her hands. Yippppeeeeeeee.

She is currently obsessed with Dora. ( Sorry all you the "tv is not a babysitter Mums" out there .

My Husband resigned from his job and now has five weeks before he starts his new one - mmmmmmmm, could this drive me nuts????? He is going to pave the back yard.....

I got to be my cutesy-pie nuffy niece 's special friend at her "special friend day" at creche. It was ace fun - even if she still calls me mum?????

I got a speeding fine of $220 and have lost three demerit points.Bugger.

I have been madly making cards and lucky for me - selling them!!

Started my counselling training course with Panda.

Attempting to cut down on my chocolate intake.

Finding out my five year old has started playing kiss chasey at school.

Having to have a lie - down after finding out about the last tidbit.

Well Saf here's to you my big two year old - Happy Birthday ( and here's hoping you don't turn out like your sister!!!!!! )

Kinda joking there.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Having been home a week it seems like we've never been away. Although the extra two kilos that have made a home for themselves around my tummy and thighs are just a pleasant reminder. Maybe it was the buffet breakfasts every morning where I just couldn't resist the biryani,roti and curry.... maybe it was the cadbury fruit and nut bars that I consumed daily just before naptime.Yep you read it - nap time in sync with saffys.mmmmm cosy. Love Holidays. Maybe it was the clear blue sky and lovely sun that kept us lazing by the pool..... and at night walking the streets with the locals ( and scungy mice and scrawny cats with broken tails). The malaysian people were beautiful and strangely obsessed with my kids ( who lapped up every bit of it).

Saffy even met a friend on the plane. Sad that her little friend look like such a feminine angel and Saffy looks like an infant version of Chopper Reed.

And you thought I was joking.

Oh well the food was great.
The hotel Amazing.The wildlife exciting. And we all managed to stay in the same room for nine days. Strangely warm and fuzzy.

Now off to watch wire in the blood....

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Move over Paris.

I may be only five but I have soooooo got you covered.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hi Honey I'm Home

mmmmmm what a great escape...... room with a view....



Did come home to a dog that had broken her knee cap and had a pin put in it. I had been trying to resolve her gambling debts but I guess the canines in the neighbourhood had other ideas.

Anyone who knows of any good dog trainers/clubs/tips etc that can help us control our super bubbly (but oh so lovable ) pup (who is getting to be the size of one large whopping dog) would be sooooooooo much appreciated.

Anyhoo more about the hol later but just another snap just to rrrreeeeaalllly rub it in

Well here's another just to make sure.....