Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things are kind of sucky

Yes things are a bit sucky for me at the moment .

It has just been one of those weeks.

One of my best friends lost her three week old son. oh so very heart breaking and tragic.
Tomorrow will be the three year anniversary of my nephew who passed away when he was four weeks old.
How can this happen????? Let alone twice???? Does it ever get easier???

My Dad going into hospital tomorrow to get a tumour removed.

Sucky - I tell you.

But this makes me laugh. Really laugh . Pee your pants kind of stuff. Flight of the conchords.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back to School

Yep.I am back to SCHOOL.

I have to remember what the dewy decimal sysytem is. I have to remember how to write an essay. I get to use a highlighter .It is all happening I tell you.

This will help me when I am working at PANDA. This will help me achieve what I truly want to do as far as work goes.It has only taken me five years to find the right thing.

And yes, I will be the annoying mature age student in the front row constantly with my hand up.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Do you remember these??

Today as I drove past my local op shop I saw THIS in the Window. Remember???? How Sweeeeeet! I cannot find my memory card for my phone so I can't even take my own picture of it.
So here is someone elses
About A year ago I bought the whole kenner family tree house on ebay for $80.00. Bit nuts I know but I was desperate to have one. I justified it to myself that my kids would love it as much as I did as a kid.Well they don't - infact they barely play with it even though though it takes pride of place on their shelf in their room.

See don't even have another picture to show!

This one from the op shop was five bucks!! Wooohhhhhooooo!! It was just the shell but I will eventually track down all the pieces/family etc and give it to my best friend as a surprise - she shares my love for this green piece of plastic.

And I don't have to worry about her finding out as she refuses to read my blog.She likens it too reading my diary and can't bring herself to do it. Ha surprise for her!!

What were your fave childhood toys?????