Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Summer Holiday - The Last Stand.

Well being back in the land of Reality has its pros. Sleeping in your own bed. No more living out of a suitcase and the comfort of being able to catch up on this.

Being on Holiday in New Zealand was fantatsic. There are lots of things I love about New Zealand. For example I love this chocolate bar and ofcourse this one ( strange name I know ).

I love the fact you can be walking in beautiful rainforests like this

And then come upon this 100m later

Late nights,sleeping in,eating out,catching up with friends and family sigh sigh. Oh well now back to hauling my butt to the gym to work off all those pinky bars.

And attempting to get over my daughter asking me what sex was.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

summer holiday

Crazy I know but I am writing a post from our summer Holiday. We didn't take one at Christmas because we knew we would be flying across the ditch to a friends wedding in Wellington New Zealand soonish after. So here we are in Wellington taking in the sights and sounds of this gorgeous city.

So there are no snaps to be soon although I am taking some when I remember.

The wedding was divine and so was the reception.... and after a few champas I declared to Mr.D that I thought we were the coolest couple there. You see I am so witty and glamorous after a glass and a half of champagne. So what if I'd blistered my feet wearing 3 inch heels within the first ten minutes - walking is totally overrated. Double so what if my spray on tan had been mucked up a bit on my hands and they looked like I had stolen them off an oompa loompa. Small things I tell you.

Off to Rotorua tomorrow - a six hour drive away - with the kids. MMMMMmmmm that should be fun.