Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I couldnt help myself

I just couldnt help myself ..... my nose is not that big in real life ... really,truly

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

aw geez the blisters

My Social life at the moment is at an all time high. Im talking getting the heels out,blushing up and hittin the dance floor like Im an eighteen year old! ( We can all dream can't we???) I have had three weekends in a row where we have had a fairly swisho special occasion. A fortieth where my husband dressed up as Ziggy stardust and wore a white lycra jumpsuit.
Oh that was special.

Followed by two weddings.
I am feeling the love.
However my blistered toes aint. Heels that only get taken out occasionally are running the risk of showing slight wear. And the dancing? What was I thinking? Or was it the champagne thinking? My toes felt like they were put through a mincer.Or was that because I thought it would be funny to try and do the running man to all early ninety hits? (In my three inch heels)

I even spied some crumpers on the dance floor. MMMMMMMmm lucky we all have a sense of uummmour.

Looking forward to getting back to Saturday night in front of bad Hallmark movies. My toes will thank me for it later.

Awww the happy couple. Congrats.