Thursday, May 22, 2008

One Hundred!

I had been meaning to do a blog post for ages. I then without realising it went on a little blogging break. Had a little writers block. Had nothing exciting to say really. Then I realised it was my one hundredth post!! Yippee for me!! Tradition would say that I have to do a giveaway..... So I guess I will....Maybe a bit of fabric added with a little paper. Maybe a surprise. We shall see so leave a comment to reap a reward. No rush though - I don't like to be in a hurry - you have got til next week. Time for the lurkers to de lurk and if anyone else reads this to realise that I am still alive! So what have I been doing I hear you ask.....

* over indulging in Rocky Road Chocolate
* watching too much netball on the tv
* going to a fund raising function with 500 woman - crazy drunk ladies that I think maybe were waiting for manpower??
* trawling ebay and wasting time on facebook
* slow cooking Lamb shanks
* trying to exercise our crazy whippet
* doing way to much driving
* doing way to much washing thanks to child wetting the bed every fourth night
* Holding new babies - that are all boys
* Slowly coming to terms that I probably won't have a new baby of my own again
* Eating too many pastries for morning tea
* Drinking too many cups of tea
* Hoping that the next call I take at Panda is always better than the last.
* Trying to tune out to a screaming toddler
* Calming children when they have coughing fits at 3am
* Going to a truckload of birthday parties!
* Walking to school in the cold icy Melbourne mornings
* Loving the new show mistresses and so excited that silent witness and Spooks are back on

See I tell you not that exciting. I will venture to pull out my sewing machine and finish some projects that I started a while ago. I will venture to pull out the guillotine and get some new cards happening. Oh promises promises.

Thought I would leave you with this sight -
The proud dancing princess

The proud dancing princess Viper from Gladiators - sad I know.

I have been indoors for a while

Sunday, May 04, 2008

what we eat..

Better late than never I say. I don't often join in on other bloggers challenges , not because I don't like them but purely because I cannot be bothered. Boils down to laziness really.

So FAIRLIE threw out the challenge and THIS I could not resist. I just found it fascinating. What people eat. A snippet of their life .... I am a closet stalker.

So this is us

Around Aus $82.00 (decided not to include the dog food and toilet paper) then I usually spend another $30 during the week on more fresh fruit and veg and something from the butcher and the baker (ha ha pardon the pun). There was already broccoli,pumpkin,carrits and zucchini in the house and some red meat in the freezer .I can keep my grocery costs down because I have fussy children that are happy to have basic inexpensive food ie spaghetti bolognese,vegetable risotto,and sausages and veg. Ha no lobster thermadore for them!
You will always find bread,apples,bananas and rocky road chocolate at my house and a crisper full of mini can coke zeros .

And I am always good for a cup of tea also.

I do the shopping bulk at the local coles (ocassionally the safeway when I am feeling a little crazy ) And go to my local Butcher,green grocer and bakery down the road.Support the locals I say.

What you got????