Thursday, October 26, 2006

Insane shopping bliss

Yesterday I went to one of my favourite places in the whole world. A gorgeous cafe ? I hear you ask... maybe a luscious hideaway just for grown ups with lots of yummy food,wine and Justin Timberlake in the background ( yes I do still want to be in a video hits film clip)??? No - wrong again. It is the fashion capital.
Go on click on it and sway to the music.
Most of you are probably in shock that one of my favourite places in the world is a crowded shopping centre with way too much going on. I am coming to terms with it myself. There are so many things I dislike about it.... the crowds,the sheer size of the place,the total tradition of everyone being there because they want to look like everyone else.The huge sunglassed four-wheel-drive drivers throwing their weight around the car park ( man, I hate 4wd ).However, something so deliciously appealing. Maybe, its the massive array of choice that always leaves you confused.Maybe its the smell. Maybe its the fact it has the king there and this. Maybe its just the fact that you can swan around there for hours and not have bought a single thing because you are just so over whelmed.Who really knows - but I do love the place.Sad I know.The fact that they have a very successful 24 hour trade night before Christmas is even sadder. Anyhoo,what can I say?? I am a suburban shopping centre princess.

Here are some more cards - just showing off my Japanese paper really...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Bizzzeee Bizzzee

Although I like to think of myself as kind-of organised (have nearly done my kiddy christmas shopping ) I have to say my organisational skills have let me down of late as I am struggling to get my cards in order.Don't get me wrong,it is great to have some stores to supply but I did forget that They would be wanting christmas stock fairly soon.......Uh Oh ....get cutting and pasting!!!! I have acquired a new customer and I have to say I am tooottaallyy chuffed about it as I personally luuurrvvveee this store,so if you are ever in East St.Kilda do pop in.

I shall be off now ...
ps big news in the Davey house - littlest Davey starting to move herself around in circles on the floor - pretty bloody good considering she can't be fagged doing anything but sit a-n-d she is one!!!!!!!! Bring on the commando crawl I say!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mind your peas and q's.

I knew there would be a time in my life that I would have to watch what I say out loud.I don't mean your general "mind-your-manners" kind of thing - no swearing before midday, being politically correct and making sure you don't say "bugger " too loudly when someone else gets the last chocolate Royal in the pack - I mean the watching what you say because you have a four and a half year old that seems to have the biggest ears in all of Melbourne.
Last week I caught her in her bedroom with her little toy baby doll ( no big deal) except that she had tied the doll to a chair using a shoelace and was pointing her finger at it saying " are being a little hoochie......"
Uh -Oh !!!!!!!!!
Note to self : Stop using word "hoochi" or abbreviated term "hooch"
As she goes on with her day, if something takes her by surprise I hear her say " What the hheeeellll???...."
I better start really watching what I say.
I'm sure there is already some irreversible damage - I will pretend that I didn't hear her say "nnnuuuppp" when she should be saying no and just politely repeat the question. I will pretend that when she mutters "bugger" she really said "Oh no what happened here?" in a syrupy tone.I really will have to watch what I say,because big ears are always listening!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rain rain Go Away

Today was my daughters First Birthday. Thank god we made it throught the first year!!
A Picnic in the park was the order of the day - not freezing our bits off!!
But hey, a real estate agent turning up with homemade dip and chicken and a biscuit also wasn't on the cards either AND that happened - TRUE and witnesses to prove it! One would think that we are thinking of putting a million dollar property on the market........gee,it didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all either.....

Oh well, the kids had a ball whether it was raining or not and no reports of pneumonia yet so we cannot complain too much.

Mini lolly boxes

And what little girl couldn't do without her own guitar bag??????

And to the brain surgeons who turned up as we were leaving......well, what can I say??

ps Unfortunately I am not the clever person who made the cake
- does truck loads of fairy bread count????

Sunday, October 08, 2006


The weekend was filled with too many glasses of champagne, the best meatball panini in aaaallllllll of Melbourne and lots family time. Quite a good mix I would say! I had an early morning start on Sunday to the Camberwell Market. Filled my bag with yummy soaps, barbie clothes ( oooohhh so important!) and some precious cardstock for my cards (ofcourse).
Then the day was filled with more champagne at a housewarming and being plowed into by a crazy three year old on an electric car. Hoping to share more exciting news and pics when I finally get my laptop back - although I may have to sell a kidney before I can afford to do it.I am off to see a small design store in East St Kilda this week so fingers crossed.
And no more champagne for a long time.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No news is good news

As I am getting over the fact that my laptop has died and I feel like I have lost my right arm - I do realise I have bigger things to worry about.Today my beautiful girl is going in for a very important appointment . Saffron Mae is seeing a neurologist because of her slight lack of entusiasm to move her sweet little butt!!!!! Saf doesn't crawl or look like she may even remotely crawl and h-a-t-e-s being on her tum - no big deal I hear you say - well she is nearly twelve months and missing out on her reaching some milestones has been a little stressful and sad.However, no news is good news so that is what we are going to be hoping for!!!! Fingers and toes crossed and the throw in the odd prayer. Apart from that - which has consumed my thoughts quite a bit lately - life is A-ok. Except for the part where my laptop died and I am borrowing my sisters so hence no pics for a while AND I have been soooo busy with new cards and applique extravaganzas to show.OOOhhhh welllllll never mind. hope to be back soon with pics and good news.