Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ode to Sammy

Here is a little story to sure put a smile on your face.

The other morning my two year old daughter decided to pour her bottle of water over herself whilst I was driving. After sitting in that soaked car seat she was very very wet. Being the super organised mum that I am I didn't have a spare pair of pants with me.(bugger) Luckily the physio didnt care that she had completely wet pants on.... next stop was my gym where I was having a training session with a friend. I had no time to go home and get new pants so I texted my friend to see if she had anything in the cupboard of her daughters that mine could borrow. Although there is a three year age difference I was pretty confidant she could find something for Saf that she could get through the next hour in without feeling like she went to the toilet on herself several times over. Ofcourse I got a reply back saying "no problem."

When I got to the gym my friend told me that she just couldn't find anything that would fit my MADE HER A PAIR OF PANTS TO WEAR!!!!!!!!.

In, like twenty minutes!!!

Aren't you all jealous that she is my friend!!!!!!!!!!

A very thoughful and generous one at that!!!

They were such a hit I believe you may be even to get some yourself. They are Ace. Over the next few days . watch this space

I guess I should also mention that it is my husbands birthday today. He doesn't like too much of a fuss made for his birthday - what is it with men. I guess there hasn't been to much excitement going on in the Mr. Davey camp due to an excessive bout of gastro and doing his knee at indoor soccer. Gross I know. But hey what is a blog without sharing????

He scored a vintage croquet set from here.

More about him here.

Happy Birthday Willy you big spunk!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blame it on the rain

Not even hailstones and pouring rain can ruin a good wedding.

Ok so a little bit of champagne helped .... especially when my heels were slowly sinking into the ground. What a fantastic place. Great company and ofcourse a beautiful couple ..... aaaahhh ooohhh sigh.

It was lovely.

Here is my obligatory photo in the mirror shot.

And no I didn't yell out " don't sign ! don't sign "

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The farmer wants a wife

oooohhh yes it is my new favourite show

I do have a really bad habit of getting attached to every possible really crappy reality tv show that comes out - this time is no different. I love it. I am not sure what I love more - the super sensitive new age farmer who talks of gazing into the eyes of one of the poor girls vying for his attention .... maybe its the farmer that had his mum come over and change the sheets ( he was a little confused as to why because he only slept on one side???!!!!!).

What can I say ??

Love a good trashy show.

My second favourite is "Tori and Dean Inn love".

Obviously I have too much time on my hands (which is ironic because I haven't blogged in a while). But don't worry you haven't missed out on anything exciting as I would just be gushing about my eldest daughters first school concert and how proud I was just to see her on stage or how absolutely joyous I am that my second daughters test results came back negative for some nasty conditions that you wouldn't wish on any child.

Or maybe I could mention all the bits and pieces we are trying to get organised for around the house ie Blind quotes (not of the non-seeing kind) drive way gate quotes, looking at pavers - you know,blah blah blah.

However, I have been busy making some cards.