Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So Long, Farewell , to you and you and you

Thought I should make it official and say I am going to have a temporary break from blogging. Considering its been over a month since I posted last any way I think its probably fitting..... I mean does anyone read it anyway ?? apart from my mum and dad and sister ( they dont even count!!! )Juggling the usual things like kids,work,out of school activities,school (my own) and the boring bits of housework,cooking bla bla - man I sound whiney - I shall be back in the future - less whiney, less crowded in the head and mojo back ready to blog my little fingers away!!!!! I shall still be reading my usual blogs and probably comment if I can stop my fingers from whining also.

So I shall leave you with this. God love a Birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Miss Three.