Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its my Birthday and I will cry if I want to.

Today it's my birthday........ and my husband forgot!

So I got no cuddles in the morning let alone a card - Present? hhhhhhmmmmph... not even a flower from the garden. No kids jumping on the bed with excitement yelling happy Birthday - noooooooooo - just a smelly dog lick from Winnie the crazy whippet. Maybe I will get the excuse that it was our anniversary 2 weeks ago and I got a present that I exchanged ( to a very similar one)Or maybe I will get the "buy yourself one" because Want a pair of winter boots that I am sure he isnt going to choose (fair enough). Ok the no present thing I can deal with - but forgetting????

That sucks.

Not even a card??

That sucks

Anyhoo picked a winner for my great paper giveaway. Two actually because to fell out of the box by accident.See how fair I am??? And sorry no pics of the names and box etc but I couldnt be bothered today.

Curly pops and Cass from Snailblazer.

So Ladies send me your email details and Ill send you some goodies of the paper kind!

Monday, March 24, 2008

school holiday giveaway

Ive never done a giveaway before.... not really sure why you would want to give your stuff.Unless you hate it and its crap.Or maybe you are just super generous. My reason is to declutter the things I are not going to use as much of. (Especially after our easter house re arrange)

My thing is paper. Lots of different types but my fave types of paper are Japanese paper and vintage wallpaper.I have tonnes.I used to use tonnes.

This year I am looking to go back to school.(adult study...makes me squirm alittle just thinking about it). I am just going back part time and will probably get my degree for my 45th birthday , but hey, follow that dream they say!! Hence not so much time for doing my cards.So I thought I would give away a stash of wallpaper,japanese paper and other paper tid bits that are begging to be used. If you want to be on the recieving end just leave a comment. If you are shy just leave the word poo if you want. Whatever makes you happy.

Here is a sneak peak at my latest project.

I will post pics of the finished product.

God I love chasing around my walking two and a half year old! The novelty has not worn off yet (obviously)!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Post Party

Thank you for all those understanding comments about childrens parties. Well Violets was a pretty successful one - dancing,singing,laughing and eating. Doesn't get much better than that! The Birthday Girl was extremely well behaved and gracious ( which was quite different from last year )

The house is still a mess but hey I think it is too hot to care. Even her little sister got into some birthday games action.

Next year Violet has just informed me that should would love a Hannah Montana party...omg it's just been over 24 hours....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Up Up and Away

Well its finally two and half year old daughter is finally beginning to walk!
Praiiiissssseee the Lord! Well done Saffy - we thought you may have been pipped by your not-even-one-year-old -cousin. Maybe that is what finally got ther butt into gear.

No more being on the recieving end of strange looks when I tell people she is over two. No more being scared to go to the health nurse because I just so cannot be bothered having to go through my story with her.

Very weak muscle tone. Yes she has a paeditrician. Yes she does physio. mmmm yes she even has had a barrage of intrusive tests that showed up nothing.yep nuttin! Yes she has a nuerolgist and yes it has cost us an effing fortune (not just financially)

I was getting very sick and tired of carrying my little thumper around. My hips have been constantly out and maybe I will be saying goodbye to the sickening click my chiropracter makes adjusting it back in.
I can now finally enjoy what other kids Saffy's age have been doing...... visits to the park , wandering to the shops hand in hand and not have to juggle carry hefty 16kg child with handbag,groceries,child bag (spare nappy etc) and generally a six year olds schoolbag also!!
Speaking of six year olds - Violet turned six last Sunday. The Itinary was created by miss six.

Bike Ride

Trip to the park


Mcdonalds for dinner.
Demandinnnnggg!!! Well Miss six is walking around as a bundle of excitement as she is having birthday party this weekend. A "High School Musical" party. Sounds very special doesn't it???? Well if you are six it may just be one of the highlights of your schoolterm! I am rather laid back about this party - I am not one for organising venues and and co ordinating party accessories. A cd player, some good old fashioned games and fairy bread at home always seem to do the trick.

And definately no parents. ( I mean of other kids - party girls parents will be there or DHS maybe contacted). It's not there party so bugger if I will be entertaining them aswell. ( More party food for me and the kids I say!)

Is it wierd that I even know some the songs.. like word for word???

Anyway wish us luck ....

Thursday, March 06, 2008

happy Anniversary

Forgive me Father as it has been fourteen days since my last post. I occasionally fall off the blogging horse. I have actually been on a little bit of a working soiree. I say soiree because although I was in Sydney working at the Gift and Trade show selling this great product I also happened to be child free.

Just me.

Eating breakfast in peace.

No little heads popping around the corner when you want to go to the toilet.

No Mad rush hour of dressing,feeding ,tidying in the mornings.

Having the remote all to myself.

Reading this in peace.

Just me me me.

Back to reality now. Making these pants for Saffy.

Now I just have to learn to rethread the bobbin. Oh geez. Bloody fiddly little things.

By the way. It's my wedding Anniversary today. Nine Years.

Three property moves (not including an overseas stint)Eleven Birthdays,Valentines days. Five Mothers Days. Five Fathers Day. Five Family Trips to New Zealand. Six Camping trips.Two Births.Two Dogs.Seven Jobs.Four trips to the Sunshine coast.Numerous sporting teams although all of them named the "poochies".Four Funerals.Six weddings. Seven cars.Eight Countries visited.

Numerous occasions of laughter ,lllluuurrvvveee and great times. ( Hope I score a good pressie!!!)

Happy Anniversary Willy xx