Friday, December 22, 2006

Over Indulge

I know it's Christmas and everyone is snivelling with disgust because it seems every year it seems to get bigger, more expensive, louder and crazier than the last. We all worry that maybe we have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas ( if there is one at all). We all look shocked when the decorations in stores started coming out in November. Oh Goodness, aren't we all getting so materialistic...... Are the kids watching too much TV??? Are they eating too many chocolates?? Are they too big to have a dummy?? Should the girls really be watching Barbie??V McDonald's happy toys are just such a marketing ploy!!! NO SHIT!

The gracious thing to do would be to donate money to charity this Christmas instead of presents..... Give our time to feeding the homeless on Christmas Day instead of shovelling mouthfuls of fattening food into our tummies that cost us triple the amount of money we would normally spend on food. Attempt to tell our children that Christmas is about giving not receiving...


This is the only time of the year that I refuse to feel guilty about spoiling my loved ones - if I choose to do it in a material manner - isn't that my business?? If my girls receive things during the year (ie toys,games etc)it is generally not from us as we wait for Birthdays and Christmas. Yes,they have alot of unnecessary toys ,clothes and get to have a miniature social life that involves play dates - I attempt to control this to my possible best and always discipline my children. My husband and I work hard (at home and out) so why on earth should this one day - that the kids wait all year for - be kept low key??

Bring on the tree!
Bring on the milk and carrot for Santa and the reindeer's!
Bring on the Barbie that is waiting to be opened!
Bring on the pressies!
Bring on the over-indulgent food..... Whatever it may be that makes your day fun and memorable is Okay with me!!!

We are well aware that half our state is burning and the rest of the country is suffering a crippling drought. I know that global warming is getting so severe that it is rearing its ugly head. I understand the implications of that.I also feel heartbroken when I think of the under- privileged, starving and suffering that goes on. I could go on... We are not oblivious - -We are just going to enjoy our Christmas Day the WAY WE WANT TO! I hope you all do to.

Merry Christmas - stay safe and Happy New Year.

I have to go wrap the Barbie Campervan now........ ( just joking Violet already has one!!! It was found in the hard rubbish ok??????)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Impossible Princess

Well if you love KYLIE then you would not have been disappointed with her concert on Saturday night. Aaahh what a show.....If you were a male gay Kylie fan you would have loved it even more.... Nearly nude men in simulated shower scenes,Feathers,lycra hotpant overload, Lordy, this concert had it all. Although I do have a bone to pick with the homosexual-Kylie- fans.Did they just jump on the bandwagon of Kylie when she funked it up or did they love her from the start????????Did they love her when she sang "Sisters are doing it for themselves" with her sister on Young Talent Time?? Did they shed a tear when she walked down the aisle to Angry Andersons "Suddenly" on Neighbours. Did they want to kill Scott for cheating on Charlene with Plain Jane the super-brain????? Did they beg their Mums to buy them a red ruffle dress when the film clip of "locomotion" came out??? What ever happened to Tania Lacey anyway???
Anyhoo I have had my rant... I guess there is enough room for everyone in the Kylie fanclub!!!

On a totally different topic a BLOODY POSSUM was in my kitchen this morning!!!!! How do I know this????? A smashing and crashing of glass was heard - and when I went downstairs the evidence was there.....possum poo everywhere and a sly looking possum in my courtyard.
Where the hell was my useless dog in all of
this??? I have the craziest psychotic dog that barks at you as you are coming out of the bathroom but the crazy muttly couldn't muster a sound when a furry intruder was in our house!!! He is a dud I tell you!! Thank god the possum had made its way out by the time I got down stairs otherwise I would have totally freaked out.
If you are wondering how the little bugger got in , it was through the doggie door.

If you are also wondering ( after reading this post) if I am a homoephobic animal hater... I am not. Just wanted to clear that up.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Well I have been tagged and although a little late - here it is

4 jobs I have had...
1. Brand Manager
2.Store Manager
3.Sales Rep
4.Bakery Assistant

4 movies I could watch over over
1.Dirty Dancing ( how embaressment)
2.Never been kissed (even more how embaressment)
3.Starsky and Hutch
4.Clueless ( ok I have bad taste in movies)

4 places I have lived apart from where I live now
1. Hong Kong
2. New York ( only for two months so no need to get excited)
(how sad - I love Melbourne!!!)

4 tv shows I love
2.Greys Anatomy
3. Mcleods Daughters ( I realise what that has just done to my reputation!!!!!)
4.Blood in the wire

4 places I have been for a vacation
2.Sunshine Coast
3.Koh Samui
4.Las Vegas

4 Websites I visit Daily
1. My Email
2.Ebay ( addiction just won't go away)
4.Real estate .com ( looking for a house)

4 Favourite foods
1. Chocolate
2. Gemmys lasagne
3. Mums meatball curry
4. Spaghetti Bolognese ( oh so cultured!!)

4 places I would rather be
1. At Aurora Spa Retreat
2. At Coolum Beach
3. South of France
4. Hong Kong

4 people I am tagging

All ready for Lulu....

oooooohhhh its all happening.... where is that baby gone?????