Friday, June 29, 2007

when the postman brings gifts

We all love little surprises in the mail - especially me.
I was soooooo excited to recieve this from the super clever and thoughtful Jodie from Ric-Rac. It amazes me of peoples talents not to mention their generosity.AAAAAAAwwww .sigh. sigh.

I love the scrabble letter on the little softie and have just popped the super cool purse into my handbag! And I was excited this morning when I recieved a freebie from Tupperware - ha! Little did I know.... Anyway so Jodie thank you thank you thank you!!!

School holidays have begun and my life will be tipped upside down for two weeks - please don't expect any fabulous looking snaps of homemade crafts that I will be doing with my daughter - its telly,maccas and a few trips to paid entertainment for us! Yipppeeee!

Anway what would a post of mine be without a pic of a card???

Or a picture of my Boy bunting...

Now I have to quickly go and take that bunting off the tv screen because ...

A/ I have no idea how to take snaps of bunting so I layed it out across the the tv screen.

B/ I may have used a tiny tiny piece of sticky tape to stick down the back of the bunting ( see I really have no idea how to photograph bunting)

C/ The tv is my husbands dream tv - new 42"inch plasma - commonly known in my house as his penis extension.

D/ I am in soooo much trouble when he reads this!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Do you ever feel like your blogging mojo goes away on a holiday?? Mine had... too much going on in this household this week so I thought I would share (whinge and whine really) a few things that Im really hating this week

1. miserable, pale and distressed child that doctor says nothing is wrong but a virus.
2. older child that has all of a sudden forgotten how to dress herself
3.Husband away while for three nights mid week whilst children decide that sleeping at night is overrated
4.every time I laugh I have to cough up a nice big phlegm ball (mmm yum)
5. A friend who lost her baby at 38 weeks
6.Doctors that overuse the word virus
7.A sad city because of some crazed man with a gun killing an innocent family man
8.A crazy puppy diving through a my hands whilst I am trying to do the back yard poo pick up resulting in a poo explosion over the grass and my hands leading me to then dry reach. ( I know soooo gross)

Ok so I am going for an academy award with my dramatic acting but a good whinge is so worth it.
Perspective is back.

Monday, June 11, 2007

pics of the pooches

Well what a gloriously lazy long weekend we have had. Lots of eating (pikelets, homemade beef ragu and a box of krispy kremes, to mention a few - please hold on whilst I purge) snoozing and ofcourse playing with some cute doggies!!

Here are some pics of our new arrival ( of the furry variety)

Pasquale is our full grown nutcase dog - thought I better show a snap of him...

ok done with the dog pics for a year.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Today we bought a puppy.
Maybe it was an emotional purchase - well actually ofcourse it was - why else would you spend money to clean up more poo and wee. I have had a fixation with whippets and greyhounds for years now. We were looking into adopting an ex- racing greyhound but this little whippet cross pup crossed our path first. Or more like my sister rang and told us about the dog ad in the paper and you can work out the rest.

So I not only have a new puppy - have a new picture from the fab Julie Knoblock.

Sorry bad shadowed picture . Another new surprise (although won't be in my posession for long) A digital image from this clever lady Wanda Kujacz - she doesnt have a blog but you can check her other great digital prints in her etsy store

AAANNDDD because I am so clever a snap of some bunting I have made for an upcoming two year olds birthday.

There will be photos of our new addition to the family soon.

Monday, June 04, 2007

In the name of the father... the sequel

" Come on mum,what starts with C?"
Cat? no Card? no Catch? no chocolate? no coolchops? no no
"Ill give you a clue mum, Jesus was nailed to it"


Well after a weekend of sucking back on a nebuliser,taking steroids and upping my dosage of ventolin (to no avail) the doctor revealed to me today I had viral pneumonia.
Atleast I got some cards done.