Friday, September 21, 2007

new jewels

Happy to be home after my stint at The Sydney Gift and Jewellery fair. Although I did have no kids to chase after and basically slave too - I still missed them. Guess Will should get a mention also - definately missed his crazy jokes and infectious giggle - also missed the maccas they had every second night for dinner!!!!

Amongst all the stands of Imported product ( sigh ) it was great to meet a very clever girl, Nicole Lacey,who is the brains behind Hot Toffee. Beautifully handcrafted goodies. Ofcourse I coudn't resist a purchase or too - although I did take some photos but because I am so crap at doing that I thought I would just add a linl to her website - and she has an etsy site.yay.

In other news we are getting ready to go off on our mini adventure to Kota Kinabalu. Actually nothing to mini about flying twelve hours with two kids under six but hey I am sure we will make up for the stress with a massage and cocktail in handafterwards. If you aren't jealous yet then just letting you know there is a kids club and nannies on hand.....

Also got some fabric from Corriefor my daughters bedroom project - photos to follow in september 2009 - just joking - hopefully my ideas will work out!
mmm you'd think I could of ironed it before I took a picture!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The busy One

Some days I wonder if I have too much time and am I using my time wisely. I wish I had a day like that coming up - or that had just been. Instead things have been buzzing at a frantic pace, lots going on in my little bubble and my surrounding bubbles. Three newly announced pregnant friends. Yippppeeeee we all love a good pregnancy. An engagement - double yippee - especially love it when it is of the shotgun kind!! ( Happy shotgun kind) Sooooo invitations to help organise amidst running around after school child who seems to have a very full social calender this week. Fighting with snotty grotty and miserable second child who doesn't want to eat this week and just keeps moaning Biiiicccckkkkkkeeeeee. Trying to fight off cough,cold,sore throat etc that has been crippling rest of family as I am off to Sydney tomorrow for the next gift and jewellery fair. AAAAnnnddd doing some cards. Meeting with Panda about doing some volunteering for them and eating copious amounts of chocolate. See Busy.. I tell ya.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The postman rang once

I had a liitle surprise at my door yesterday of some nice new Japanese yuzen paper. Gave me a good motivating kick up the bum - so here are some snaps.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bit of this and a bit of that...

Well what a lovely sunny fathers day. Home made cards and the garden toy request was recieved happily.No brekky in bed for the daddy of the house - he did get a coffee with froth - does that count??

Not too much has been happening of late but just enough. Waiting for some new Yuzen papers to arrive so in the meantime have been nursing a sick child (fever etc) and some recieved some great (not)service from the local (not regular doctor) who looked at his watch when we walked in AND answered his mobile phone.

I had been eyeing off one of Staceys hand knitted lovelies for ages so I am happy to say I recieved them a couple of weeks ago. I had to get my daughters matching beanies. Cruel I know but I just couldnt help myself. Ofcourse I didnt have to beg to get Violet to pose in the beanie for this one!

Bit late with snap of a great marimekko print tablecloth for a friend also...

Things I am looking forward to this week are...
1. Hopefully oldest child well enough to go back to school.
2. Eating fathers day leftovers - slow cooked rogan josh - yum
3. Getting some energy from somewhere ...anywhere...
4. Playing a 10.25pm game of netball (just kidding about that one)