Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Kids on the Block

Well as much as I was soooo desperate for the school year to begin there was a little excitement and much trepidation about going back to school this year - because it is a new school for my little Grade 1 girl.

Much bigger than the last.
Much more overwhelming when you've just figured out the dynamics of school friends and realise you have to start again. But after some tears at the start and a few whimpers of " Will I have any friends?" ( me then stopping to put my heart back in ) off she went holding hands with her new teacher.

I was so excited to do the first school pick up for 2008 - although it was the first day for me too remember - I didn't know a soul either - but when I finally saw her walking out, arms linked with two other girls and not even a hello to me but " Ella wants me to play at her house tonight so can I go?" I figured everything would be alright.

And she does have the coolest library bag in the class - well me and my Janome think so anyway!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome Home with a bag full of goodies.

My Husband has been away for two weeks in Las Vegas for work. Nice for some. Maybe it has been because it has been smack bang in the school holidays or right after Christmas but he has been really missed.
That's not to say he wouldn't be missed as a general rule but there was something about this trip that made us all very sad and miserable that we weren't all together.
He even got a home made "Welcome Home Daddy " sign at the airport.
So what does my spunky W. do to make up for his time away.
Shower us with gifts.
And man,were they good! Maybe a little overboard for the kids but I'm happy for some over compensation to go on occasionally. There was GAP items for the girls - embarrassed to say he even got into double figures of how many items of clothing he bought for them. I should add for himself also - good shopper old Willy - especially when I got a filled bag from Victoria Secret. Weeeeheeee. Then came out the Disney bag.
You need to understand I have a highly influenced Five turning thirteen year old that happens to be a Disney -Marketing Dream. In fact when they set their demographic I am sure it just says " Violet Davey".
Anyhoo out came the High School Musical WII game with microphone ofcourse - then the Hannah Montana tshirt - mmm noice. He smugly tells me that we were lucky that he didn't buy the wig.Yep that's right you can even buy wigs in the Disney store.

The hit was the Peter Pan and Captain Hook costumes purchased so when her male friends come over they have something to dress up if they want to. Yes I know all feminists out there - offensive on a few levels but lets not take the fun out of the day of over-consumption! Including this day and my views on Christmas I am surprised you haven't seen me on Today Tonight.

You just couldn't wipe the smile of this little girls face!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nimble Fingers

I got a Janome for Christmas.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

No news is good news

I guess I should be saying that I am back from a wonderful Christmas holiday where I had no access to a computer therefore I couldn't blog.... But that would be such a lie because I have just been hanging out in sunny ( stinking stifling hot on some days ) Melbourne. I mean really where would you rather be??? I just have been really lazy and not blogging - although reading blogs avidly, incase I missed out on some fantabulous news.
Myself on the other hand has no reallll exciting news - except that this afternoon was a bit of a doozy.
Decided to pop in to my old neighbourhood Supermarket as I needed a chemist and they have an adjoining one. It completely slipped my mind that there was a reason we moved from that unfriendly pain-in-the-arse area. This just reminded me - I pulled into our car park and was just about to hop out of the car when a car pulled up into the space next to me - so close that I couldn't open my car door. I waited a little bit as I just assumed he would back out and straighten up his park. It was pretty obvious he hadn't parked properly. The driver and his passenger could see myself and my two kids in the car.

I then realised he wasn't going to straighten up and his passenger got out and wandered in to the supermarket whilst he waited in the car - as he couldn't get out either . I am looking at him thinking what profanity can I scream at you?? Hellooooooo???? So I have to jump over to the passenger door to let myself out and get the two kids out of the car.
I am telling you - friendly suburb - great community feel. After a deep sigh I thought " I have my two girls with me , he must know he has been a pig I'll just go inside. Which I proceed to do and head straight to the chemist to see if I can get something for eldest daughter stomach cramps. Two nights of her waking up upset and in the fetal position was kind of freakin me out.

Not as much as when the chemist recommended I give her an enema before anything else.

Effing great.

Try explaining that to a 5 1/2 year old.

Needless to say I headed off home with a slightly anxious feeling....eeeuuuuuwww this wasn't going to be fun. Lucky my daughter has a great sense of humour and took it all in her stride.

Half an hour later and from the toilet she yells " MMMUUUMMMMM this is a bit weird I think I want to do poo but I think I'm doing wee" when I go in to see if she is ok I get " Can you give me some privacy please Mum?"

Christ she will be asking for a newspaper next.