Monday, March 26, 2007

Mummy loves me

Well I may not walk.
My physiotherapist may have given up on me. ( bitch)
I may wear all the bottoms out of my pants.
I may be the fastest bottom shuffler around the traps.
I may not want to stand
I do enjoy eating anything I can get my hands on (including my dogs food)
People always like to stress my Mum out by constantly asking how old I am and why aren't I walking yet. yada yada .yada.
I see Elmo and the teletubbies and I laugh like you have told me the funniest joke ever.
I am totally obsessed with my dad. And pulling hair.
My sister is my idol.(scary I know)
I pretend to talk on the phone.All the time.
I have mastered the art of fake crying. It works for me.

I always have this crazy cheeky smile on my face.
I am so happy.
Mummy loves me.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Birthday Booty

Ladies Lunches' always work for me.I seem to have created ( unintentionally) a tradition for my birthday.A group of girlfriends and myself go out for lunch.Generally a long lunch. Keep the night free because you maybe at lunch. This year was no different. Champagne glasses clinking, fat-filled desserts eaten and cool birthday booty recieved!!!

I recieved some fab mags to keep me occupied for hours and some yummy chocs that didnt even make the pics. Fancy Dr.C knitted me the bbbeeessssstt beanie. No more last minute scurrying around the Port Fairy Market at Easter muttering "Geez its cold I can't believe I didn't bring a beanie" and being forced to buy an itchy acrylic beanie that has been knitted by the local bowling club ladies. (yes,they do a great job).

Dr.C really needs to get a blog so she can show off her self taught talents! I also scored this funky necklace that was purchased by my sister from local jewellery extraordinaire Lara.

Hoping to milk it for all its worth until the end of Tuesday....You only get to be a birthday princess once a year, right?????

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Winner takes it all.

First school sports as a parent is always filled with excitement,hopes and dreams of your child blitzing the sports field with their amazing sports skill, speed and agility. Bugger the "as long as you have fun" - lets be honest - we all want our child to get thje blue ribbon. It was hard to contain my excitement when I recieved the letter saying that Violet was in the red team and school sports would be on soon.

Fast forward to Monday night and school sports was held at the local oval. The atmosphere of children in their house colours and cheering on their team mates was so infectious. There were parent officials, coloured witches hats out to mark out the course and ofcourse the sausage sizzle.
The games had started.
Now someone has to come last in these competitions - whether it be a running race, the long jump, the shotput etc - otherwise how can there be a winner right? Well, lets just say I didnt expect it to be my child!
In everything!
By miles.
And miles.

But do you know what????
She had the best time - EVER!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Whilst I have been totally fretting because my baby cousin is having a baby (she is already six days overdue) I have been making some new cards. The first couple are with some vintage wallpaper.

I guess I should explain that my baby cousin is actually 27 but sometimes it is hard to accept that she is a grown up. I still think that she is twelve - I have this problem with most of my younger cousins actually. I think it is called denial. I get confused when I see my sixteen year old male cousin and wonder why he still isn't into pokeman but instead is downloading obscene mobile ringtones onto his phone.Or why my other 21 year old male cousin has taken down all his he-man posters and instead plays in a very popular cover band that plays around Melbourne. Oh deny.deny.deny. Its not like Im fifteen years older than them either......

I am getting so impatient for this baby to come that I think I may drag Elyssa to a step class with me. That should do the trick?????

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hi five

We all officially survived a five year olds disco party. The diso balls were sparkling and Kylie was on in the background. There was face painting done by an Angry Artist who just couldnt work without her instruments and there was pink hairspray for all the partygoers. Obnoxious brat is a more than fair comment for my childs behaviour on the day - an overload of attention and material gifts - which contrary to popular belief - Violet isnt used to. After eating lots of fairy bread,playing musical statues and numerous games of Simon Says the party reached another level when good old Justine Clark came on.I am embarressed to say but the five year olds went off! The marshmallow barbie cake was a hit - until my daughter licked all the icing off barbies legs in one swift lick - something a little odd about that!

After all the chaos was over and sheer exhaustion was taking over I realised that the partying wasn't to end there.I had to venture out to some birthday celebrations for a friend. I dragged my best friend Gem along. I soon realised that I hadnt been in a pub for a very long time . Bloody hell,what do I order at the bar??? Was I just looking way to uncool in comparison to all the little super skinny style queens that were surrounding me?? Would some young twenty something male come up to me and ask " Are you the Gem and Jo from the late nineties?" .......... Would they bring us back to the days of drinking shandies in a corner, eating sweet potatoe fries from Blue train for dinner and shamedly knowing all the words to traditonal Irish Pub songs. I shall stop there.

Well we were home by ten thirty, a couple of champagnes later and very impressed with our social skills - ok so we forgot how to deal with smelly cigarette hair and feeling a little hungover the next day - but all in the name of being a socialite - what can I say???

Sunday, March 04, 2007


We bought a house - yipeeeeeeeeeee - Brand New space! I am so happy no-one can wipe this ridiculous smile off me face. A back yard for my girls to play, oh the Australian dream!!!! A laundry - yes, I am excited about this prospect as I have had always had to share a laundry and bathroom. I am dreaming of the loads of washing already. Sad, I know. And a driveway. And an attic store room. Can you tell I am excited??????? Now every post is going to be like an entry to "better homes and garden".....

Next project. Organise disco party for miss-turning-five. gee won't that be fun.