Friday, April 27, 2007

Avon Calling

You know that you have moved to the burbs when

1. You recieve an Avon catalogue in the mail and realise you have your own personal Avon Lady

2. You recieve a Chocolate cake from the neighbour across the road welcoming you to the street.

OOhhh (sigh) life is good.

Here are some things I have made for the upcoming Mothers Day stall at my daughters school. Remember those????? Hope my 50cents scores me something good!

Some new butterfly cards ready for one of my customers.

Poor miserable Man of the house is sick and bed-ridden - get well soon Willy - see you do get a mention in my blog??!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee We have finally moved into our new house - hence my blogging absence.
Goodbye old house - you served us well and we had some great times......

I am now obsessed with Bunnings and the local hardware store. I am now googling strange garden sites and random questions like "how to look after a passsionfruit vine?"

The move was not a smooth one. Settlement got screwed up and we spent the night on my Mum's floor. But I have blocked it out. Because now we are in!
My very first letter to my new address was from a fellow blogger,CAROLINE . She sent me a small prize apparently for scoring a big fat zero on her CLASSIC quiz. Atleast somepeople appreciate me being culturally bankrupt. Does knowing all the words to most of Kylie's songs count????? Anyhoo my prize was some super cute custom made badges - thank you thankyou thank you. It was such a great surprise and kept the smile planted on my face allllllllllllll day.

Sadly I don't have any really exciting pictures to post as my camera battery recharger ( was that proper English Jane??)was lost in the move so I guess I needn't go on about all the great arts and crafts I have been whipping up because I have nothing to show. Ha Ha Ha - We all know Im not just culturally challenged.

Must get back to browsing at all home/renovation/furniture/interior design sites now.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

She's Here....

Well it has happened! My sister, aka Auntie Cookie - has had her baby.
Beautiful gorgeous and scrumptious Sadie Neave entered the world at 7.47am on Saturday Morning. Gosh I didn't even have time to get myself properly organised as I was in Geelong when I got the phonecall at 2.30am. Nothing like hooning down the freeway after having two hours sleep, schulling a v energy drink.( eeuuw gross by the way)to greet my contracting but calm sister.

Fast forward to 7.47am - "its a girl" - a great loud "woohoo" and Sadie starts sucking at anything for dear life. Too cute. Go the sisterhood!!

Even if your sister Lola called you are monkey I think you are the most beautiful little baby ever. It was such an amazing (super cliche) fabulous and memorable moment seeing my neice born. Her Mum did such an amazing job - truly inspirational.
Congratulations Shan, Steven and Lola - enjoy your totally delicious addition to your family.

And, Miss Sadie Neave - I cannot wait to spoil you rotten!!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Heat is On

This week could prove to be a busy one.
Firstly , I may be recieving the "call" to go to the hospital with my pregnant sister. So my mobile is near ( ha! what a joke - all that know me probably realise by now I can text in the dark at lightning speed). I am trying to prepare my words of encouragement like " you look great","you are doing really well ", "well done you are nearly there" - although more likely I will be saying "get her an epidural and 'no, ofcourse you didn't poo".
Even more likely,I mightn't say a word because I will be in a diazapam created fluffy fog.mmmmmmm.
One must be prepared for these stressfull times.

Secondly, everything is in a packed away state or going to be packed away because of our forthcoming move - wooohhhooooo - but unlike my strangely neat and organised husband, who is looking forward to packing and unpacking, I am dreading it more than ever. My hands start sweating just thinking about it. And my dining room looks like this.

That doesn't make for comfortable living.

Thirdly, the orders are rolling in.
I have been busy keeping up with my card orders because they dont care that we are moving. They don't care that my easily-bored-crazy-five-year old is on school holidays. Bloody Hell and isn't that just another can of worms. What do people do to entertain and stimulate their kids on school hols that doesn't include spending oodles of money and/or just sticking them in front of the telly???? So I think it would be far to say there is a little going on this week.

Ofcourse I did forget to mention the death of Christ. We didn't think we got all those Easter eggs for nothin did we??!!!!!

Here is a sneak preview of some of my cards partly done.