Monday, May 28, 2007

In the name of the father...

I know all little girls go through toy phases. Like my little pony or Barbies.Some love playing house and pretending to be mummies to their little dolls. Well through the years Violet has had her fair share of "whats hot" now little episodes with toys.
She now has a new one.
Yep thats right , my five year old has found God.

It was an easy choice for us to send her to a small Catholic Primary school. For many reasons that I won't go into - obviously part and parcel of being in the catholic school system is learning about Jesus.

When she is playing with her snap cards she says "look mum Ive made a cross" whilst rearranging the cards.
When playing the word game (a version of eye spy) everything starts with J or G.... for Jesus and God ofcourse.
"Im so glad Jesus has risen mum because he is such a good guy" or " I am so sad that Jesus had to wear that headband of thorns it must have really hurt"
At night times she has started to request that we all have prayer time - we sit in a circle and light a candle.
Her prayers are generally like this " Dear God I hope you don't get bitten by mozzies.Amen"

Hopefully I am not being to cynical when I say I am scrambling for every Barbie I can get hold of!

Here was my first try at bunting for a friends baby boy.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dance Hall Days

Tonight we went to the local Greek Restaurant with some friends and their kids.We love Greek food. We had heard great things about this place.The food was in abundance and we ate accordingly.This restaurant resembled a school hall with a dancefloor in the middle of the room. Classy.

The whole experience made me feel that I was reliving my youth when my parents used to drag myself and my sisters to the Anglo-Indian Saturday night Dances. When the Middle Aged Greek Singer got out the the Yamaha organ and started singing - which could only be compared to the skinning of a cat with some background synthesizer - sorry to you folk that enjoy the traditional Greek music (Im sure its and acquired taste)it reminded me of all the middle aged Anglo-Indian men who used to front their Rock n Roll Cover bands with their hair quiffed banging out some Elvis tune.

De Ja vu had hit me. Memories came flooding back - like when my parents made me and my sister enter in a dance competition (there were only four of us in it). We were mighty embaressed but I am sure my sister ended up winning.....

Or when my pissed uncle mumbled to a woman across the table from him to "go back to Goa you Lezzo".

Or when inbetween guzzling glasses of straight whisky every great uncle would drag us onto the dancefloor and make us join in to the "chickendance"

God love family restaurants.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Birdie Num Num

Just playing around with some new shapes.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I did it !

I know for those who know me will find it hard to believe - but look what I made!? Ofcourse I had a Good teacher who was very patient , but finally I made something myself with my sewing machine - woohoo - exciting for me anyway. You won't be seeing me re-arranging my house with smooth precision and then taking arty snaps of it but you will see some attempts to make a few things.With fabric that is!
I have been inspired.

And its lined!

I have also been tagged by Sam about my fave blogs. Now I don't like to play favourites but here are a few ....

1.Go fug yourself just makes me ooohhh and ahhhhh and nod my head.
2. All consuming - I love the way she writes and the reality of her everyday life
3. Aunty Cookie - because I may get in trouble if I didn't put her on the list!
4. H&B - because when I read her posts they often make me laugh out loud ( and apparently I've moved into her neighbourhood so I better keep her sweet!!!!)
5. Jorth - because anyone who doesn't have a tv and attempts not to use plastic is my idol.and she is very crafty and super funny!

No news to report except that the cleaner that we have started to get fornightly told me today she sat down and had a cup of tea and one of my caramellos. Is that weird?? My caramellos were in a bowl high up in the pantry.... Is that in the rules??????

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Calling all Mums

Its that time of year again....breakfasts in bed...lots of cuddles - in my case going over to My mums for lunch and gorging myself on some home cooked curries mmmm yum! I was ofcourse meant to be doing the 4km Mothers day run for cancer research but the opportunity to go out to a fancy dinner with some dear friends and Mr Davey whilst the girls were having a sleep over at my mums was way too great!!! Oh well... there is always next year.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

H is for ..

H is for Hector - a baby brother for LuLu

H is for Hoochie Violet who started beginners funk classes this week (oh so cute but boy am I in for it!)

H is for hoovering down atleast six chocolate bars over the weekend

H is for heartbreak from our not so successful specialist check up for Saffy

H is for happiness when I see her cheeky face

H is for Hanging in there - because we will and we are and (fingers and toes crossed) we will conquer!!!!!