Thursday, March 15, 2007


Whilst I have been totally fretting because my baby cousin is having a baby (she is already six days overdue) I have been making some new cards. The first couple are with some vintage wallpaper.

I guess I should explain that my baby cousin is actually 27 but sometimes it is hard to accept that she is a grown up. I still think that she is twelve - I have this problem with most of my younger cousins actually. I think it is called denial. I get confused when I see my sixteen year old male cousin and wonder why he still isn't into pokeman but instead is downloading obscene mobile ringtones onto his phone.Or why my other 21 year old male cousin has taken down all his he-man posters and instead plays in a very popular cover band that plays around Melbourne. Oh deny.deny.deny. Its not like Im fifteen years older than them either......

I am getting so impatient for this baby to come that I think I may drag Elyssa to a step class with me. That should do the trick?????


Anonymous shannon said...

She better have it by the weekend, I dont have plans yet and a drive to the burbs sounds like a good time killer.

And I still call Nick 'nickypoo' when I email him. I dont care he runs his own business and its slightly unprofessional...

5:14 PM  
Blogger h&b said...

Thanks for making me feel old.

I was considered a *freak* for getting *married* at this age. Most of our friends didn't get married until 10yrs after us.

We then hung out for 10yrs before having sex, and voila ! A baby !

And now i'm about to start googling discount Zimmer frames...

3:53 PM  

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