Sunday, October 08, 2006


The weekend was filled with too many glasses of champagne, the best meatball panini in aaaallllllll of Melbourne and lots family time. Quite a good mix I would say! I had an early morning start on Sunday to the Camberwell Market. Filled my bag with yummy soaps, barbie clothes ( oooohhh so important!) and some precious cardstock for my cards (ofcourse).
Then the day was filled with more champagne at a housewarming and being plowed into by a crazy three year old on an electric car. Hoping to share more exciting news and pics when I finally get my laptop back - although I may have to sell a kidney before I can afford to do it.I am off to see a small design store in East St Kilda this week so fingers crossed.
And no more champagne for a long time.


Blogger Saucy said...

Dear Teacup,

Today - Wednesday - I did receive your lovely parcel from the purple, pink and orange stationary swap. I adored every bit of it, and the fizzy Life Savers candy were such a nice treat to include!

Thank you so very much. I hope the swap treated you kindly also.


5:37 AM  
Anonymous ellia said...

ah, yeah! computers arent cheap!!! but you will get up and running and maybe you will sell oodles of cards and wont have to worry about $$$ :) hugs!

5:33 AM  

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