Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So Long, Farewell , to you and you and you

Thought I should make it official and say I am going to have a temporary break from blogging. Considering its been over a month since I posted last any way I think its probably fitting..... I mean does anyone read it anyway ?? apart from my mum and dad and sister ( they dont even count!!! )Juggling the usual things like kids,work,out of school activities,school (my own) and the boring bits of housework,cooking bla bla - man I sound whiney - I shall be back in the future - less whiney, less crowded in the head and mojo back ready to blog my little fingers away!!!!! I shall still be reading my usual blogs and probably comment if I can stop my fingers from whining also.

So I shall leave you with this. God love a Birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Miss Three.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take a trip away....

Although we had just finished our two weeks of school holidays we decided to go up to the fabulous Gold Coast with our best friends and their two boys. I am not sure when I started feeling really old. Maybe it was the full length mirrors in our apartment oh I mean mirrored wardrobes(noice) - coupled with having to get into bathers - I was feeling rather ragged. Maybe it was eery second girl that passed me was 6 foot tall , brown and way to goddess like slinking around in shorts and bikini tops - but never fear after a couple of fruit and nut bars and some contol top bikini bottoms I felt like I could face the locals! Dreamworld and Seaworld look out!
It was sooooo muuucchhh fffuuuuuunnnn. Yep it was exspensive.Yep all the food there was crap but (here comes the cheesy bit) to see the kids having so much fun and in a constant daze of happiness I would bravely face the bronzed bodies again.
Lokk out bermuda triangle - Here we come again....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I couldnt help myself

I just couldnt help myself ..... my nose is not that big in real life ... really,truly

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

aw geez the blisters

My Social life at the moment is at an all time high. Im talking getting the heels out,blushing up and hittin the dance floor like Im an eighteen year old! ( We can all dream can't we???) I have had three weekends in a row where we have had a fairly swisho special occasion. A fortieth where my husband dressed up as Ziggy stardust and wore a white lycra jumpsuit.
Oh that was special.

Followed by two weddings.
I am feeling the love.
However my blistered toes aint. Heels that only get taken out occasionally are running the risk of showing slight wear. And the dancing? What was I thinking? Or was it the champagne thinking? My toes felt like they were put through a mincer.Or was that because I thought it would be funny to try and do the running man to all early ninety hits? (In my three inch heels)

I even spied some crumpers on the dance floor. MMMMMMMmm lucky we all have a sense of uummmour.

Looking forward to getting back to Saturday night in front of bad Hallmark movies. My toes will thank me for it later.

Awww the happy couple. Congrats.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

D is for ...

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post.

Oh so much to write but so little time. My Month in short has consisted of the following : ( How Academic do I sound???)

I submitted my first essay in 16 years - yay.
Drum roll please...... And I got a Distinction. I am so pleased with myself - I think I am like so totally smart n stuff. At first when I saw the D I started getting flashbacks from school. Rattling on in my mind was something like this ..." Geez nothing has changed since school I am totally a dumbarse , what was I thinking going back to school"

When I realised that the D was for distinction the conversation in my head went something like this " wow I really am a dumbarse you'd think I wold have worked out the marking system before now.."

Anyhoo in my house I am obviously not the only one who has a bit of rattling conversation going on in my mind - my two and a half year old has an imaginary friend named Gugga . Interesting . Gugga has been around for a while but he really has confirmed his presence in the last week or so. As long as he doesnt wee on the floor, make a mess or hog the telly he can stay.

We trotted off to Palm Cove last week for a lovely sunny relaxing holiday. We ate lots ( especially me ) from the breakfast buffet everymorning. Why do they insist on having pile high pancakes with maple syrup waiting there for the taking??
So apart from lounging around and watching the Olympics we managed a night trip out to the local zoo.

Check the size of this wombat?????

All for animals and all but he was a bit gross although Violet was happy to cuddle him.eeeuuuuuwwww. Anyhoo enough from me. Hopefully I wont wait another month before my next post.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

no photos please

I have been putting off doing a blog post because I cannot find the mini memory card that goes into my camera,copies the snaps,then into my computer and then onto my blog.Tada!!!. Then I realised that I dont have anything crafty to take pics of nor do I rearrange my house and spend hours getting the right light to take a picture. Becasue it just isnt that kind of blog.So I really was running out of excuses. So instead of watching of my kids stuffing their faces with Spaghetti I thought I would hide out in the spare room and write in peace. Did I say peace? because I dont want to jinx myself.

no peace to be had in this house of late. Kids that do not want to go to bed. And some times when they are in bed they want to either wet it or just get out of it at odd times in the night.

I cant even take a snap of my disgusting ganglion cyst that is on my wrist. Trust me if you saw it you so would not want to be my friend. I diagnosed myself ofcourse, because I obtained my medical degree from google.

I cant take a snap of all the ace pics I have been getting off etsy. You will just have to trust me.

And for all you nice readers that asked about my dad - he is fine. Tumour benign and removed completely.Very lucky for a man who has fagged and drunk all his life. But he is as chirpy as ever and doing great guns. As for my beautiful friend who lost her darling little boy - well what can I say ? Life is cruel sometimes but she is doing the best she can.( which is pretty bloody amazing if you ask me!)

ps thank god school is back!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things are kind of sucky

Yes things are a bit sucky for me at the moment .

It has just been one of those weeks.

One of my best friends lost her three week old son. oh so very heart breaking and tragic.
Tomorrow will be the three year anniversary of my nephew who passed away when he was four weeks old.
How can this happen????? Let alone twice???? Does it ever get easier???

My Dad going into hospital tomorrow to get a tumour removed.

Sucky - I tell you.

But this makes me laugh. Really laugh . Pee your pants kind of stuff. Flight of the conchords.