Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So Much to Say so little time..

I have been pushing aside my blog entries to a small corner of my brain at the moment because there is alot going on in the Davey household . I am franticly dealing with real estate agents, finance brokers - back and forth,back and forth - my head is just about to swivel off. We are hoping to bid this weekend at the house of our miniscule dreams so ofcourse comes with that is a truckload of anxiety, precise organisation and dealing with agents that never call you back. I am trying to not get too excited , I havent thought out in my head where all our furniture will go AT ALL. Haven't dreamt of knocking out walls or buying pieces of furniture either!! Let's face it, anyone who knows anything about the Melbourne Real Estate Market knows that property prices are going through the roof at the moment so there is a high chance we will miss out on this property and begin the search again. And Again. This has occupied the better part of my days for two weeks now - Can you tell??????????

I have also been facing the trials and tribulations of a new preppy who seems to be loving school but not loving the little girl in her class who keeps telling her that she "hates her" and refuses to let my daughter play with her.... ( why would you want to play with a five year bully/nasty/brat anyway????? ) and trying to deal with " but mum she squeezes my hand until it goes really red and then just smiles at me". AAAAAAAAh to dob or not to dob??? Let them work it out??? Bound to happen at school right? maybe I should just go up to the little girl in question and quietly whisper in her ear "Santas not real you know"..............

Anyhoo enough of me whinging but thats what has been swirling around my head for the past fortnight so to get some light relief I purchased some beautiful Vintage Buttons from the camberwell Market on Sunday.

I am a real sucker for buttons and thought my collection needed some filling. And how could I resist them??? Hoping to show hat I will do with them in the near future.
We also celebrated my best friends sons fifth birthday at the Collingwood childrens farm. Oh what fun had by all - maybe not the animals though - not sure if the guinea pigs liked being squished in tiny excitable hands ??? The ducks and chickens may have liked being chased......I also proved to be popular with a particular goat - that was special!!!
The scones with jam and cream and gemmys special fudge cupcakes seemed to be the highlight of the day. OH and Saffys insistance on bumshuffling through the chicken poo on the ground was also good for light entertainment.

Time to get back to hassling agents - borriiinnngggggggg.


Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Have a quiet (non-dobbing) word with the teacher! That sounds like it is or is on the way to being bullying.

Good luck with the dream house!

4:32 PM  
Anonymous samantha said...

you didn't tell me about the buttons - did you know I'd be jealous?! and those cupcakes sound yum - we do still need to plan a trip to gemmy's for a local tour - maybe we could have some cupcakes for snacks...
keeping my fingers crossed for the house, and as to little miss bully - good hard pull of her pig tails should make you feel better - little snot.

4:47 PM  
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