Sunday, January 07, 2007

And the New Year Begins....

For some strange reason I am feeling a little apprehensive about the year ahead.... One of the reasons is we will be selling our house, yes, we are growing out of it but it is our first property and although a little squishy we do love it.AAAAAhhhh well, time to move on, maybe the real reason I am feeling nervous is that we really don't think that the next move will be the "BIG" one. You know, the house that you stay in for the next 20 years...... we just don't have the crackers..... my husband is being strangely consistant in mentioning that we should move in with my Mum so we can eat all her yummy curries. Now call me old- fashioned but there are several things wrong with that scenario!

My baby is going off to school this year so I am having issues about that! Not about her - me, ofcourse! ( Although the sound of her singing to "high school musical soundtrack" on the Karaoke Option , around the clock will not be missed,bless her little Joh Benet Socks)

This Christmas I also officially created a monster - I bought my husband a NINTENDO WII It was such a secret squirrel mission I had to get it from New Zealand - long story... an interactive game that has you running around the lounge room like a lunatic. My gadget obsessed husband is extremely happy and there is no turning back now.

With the summer holiday just a distant memory - although I still have the farmers market Vanilla and strawberry jam to remind me - yum,we will be getting back into the swing of things. Back to the gym, eating better blah blah blah well here is my list.... ( personal goals)

Blank ... Tried but have too many to mention.... Have to Raincheck it....

Happy New Year.


Anonymous samantha said...

so many things happening, January is already becoming a blur. looking forward to more adventures from teacup.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous ellia said...

hahah, you are a wonderful wife to get your husband such a system!!! i wanted to get my husband the xbox 360 by his birthday (march) but i doubt i can sell enough in my etsy shop and keep the queasies off....

i understand about the house issue too... we bought a duplex for the tirst time around and we rent out the lower half... one day it would be nice to have it all to ourselves but by then, our neighborhood will be like what???? ah, best wishes on selling the house and finding a dreamy one for you all!

4:32 PM  
Blogger h&b said...

I am feeling a bit fatty-fat-fat-fat post-Xmas fat-fat too. Looked up local gyms in the area yesterday, and NONE of them so far have creche facilities !! ( what ?!)

Anyway. I used to walk, but now I walk with toddler, so it's not exactly aerobic exercise.

As for the house, we had to move twice ( first home, middle home, big home ) to be able to get what we needed for a lifetime, and be able to afford it.

Good luck with it all !

8:50 AM  
Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Happy New Year Teacup. I have no resolutions either. I'm more of a 'go with the flow' girl. Hope Violet has a great first year at school though. And that the house thing goes well.

9:57 AM  

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