Friday, November 17, 2006

Get your Skates On

I thought I had all the Christmas pressies undercontrol but alas I have forgotten some - so I bet to get crackin! I am trying to work out what are the appropiate gifts to give to kinder teachers and Creche carers without over stepping the line. There was an article recently in The Age that teachers from private schools often recieved French perfumes and weekend away Packages.Yep because that IS IN THE SPIRIT!! nOT!! Well call me a major scumbag but I am having trouble in deciding Chocolates???? or yummy soaps???? I do lovethis shop so maybe I will get some goodies from here........ Support the local Business I say!

I have been slowly trying my hand at some applique - my blanket stitching has been coming a treat - Well I do tend to live in my own craft lunchbox - This was a request from Violet, now she has asked for a mermaid ???

Some new cards ......

PS If anyone is wondering why I didn't post any pics of Oakes Day it is because the camera seemed to add on 5kgs. Don't you hate when that happens??????!!!!


Blogger Kate said...

I think I have been teaching in the wrong schools. Love the applique.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Aren't you going to give all those kiddy carers some of your lovely hand-made crafted goodness?
Hope Oaks Day was good even if the photos weren't.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Good craftin' Jo. I'm doing a all hand made christmas this year. Everybody is getting some hand crafted goodness from us this year. I've got a few completed but still quite a few to go. Guess what my weekends will be filled with over the next month.

12:55 PM  
Blogger h&b said...

French perfume and holidays ? WTF ?

Soap and chokkies are fine, especially when it's the good stuff, like these, and not just a cake of Norsca from the Supermarket ;)

9:18 AM  
Anonymous samantha said...

Does the nanny get some? :)

11:24 AM  

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