Sunday, November 26, 2006

Willy Whiskers

This Weekend was filled with alot of soccer (if thats what you could call it).It was My husbands 35th birthday and being the crazed soccer lover he is we all trooped off to a park, ate lots of crappy food whilst some very unfit males ran around on the grass trying to relive the soccer skills of their youth. The next morning there was alot more from where that came from!!!!! Corporate games seemed to bring out a whole new breed of 30 + men wistfully imagining they were playing for the socceroos.It was sad and sometimes cringeful, however, team spirits were soaring .Thankfully - because there was nothing else soaring I can asure you!!! Will was the team captain and in true Willy fashion he was positive and supportive of his sore and sweaty team.In honour of my true team leader and him turning 35 here are few things about the birthday boy.

1. He is the third William James Davey in his family.
2.He is strangely obsessed with the series "scrubs"
3.He adores his "girls" - that includes me - hee hee
4.He has very short fingers - stumpy would say!!
5.He has very small feet but could drive a car with his big toe!
6.He is an insulin dependant diabetic
7.He often considers a seachange and wants to buy a "subway" franchise
8.He is a proud kiwi
9.He makes the best homemade hamburgers ever!
10.He always wanted to be a comedian
11.He refuses to make the takeaway order phonecall
12.One of his nicknames is " Willy Whiskers"
13.His favourite food is my mums Ball Curry
14.His 2nd favoutite food is bread - in any form
15.He is a crazy and fearless goalkeeper
16.He is very funny and has an infectious giggle for a man
17.He is exceptional at wrapping presents and will not let me do any
18.He used to own a mesh top ( and wear it!)
19.He is adopted
20.He has a Calvin and Hobbs tattoo
21.He is not interested in listening to Music (strange I know)
22.He can jump incredibly high for a short man
23.He has followed the NZ Cricket team around and sold Cricket merchandise at their Venues
24.He used to play soccer for NZ u/19
25.He used to do ballroom dancing
26.He has a strange repatoire of gymnastic moves
27.He has never smoked a cigarette in his life
28.He is a folder not a scruncher
29.He is the only one not to accept that our dog is part chihuhua
30.He rarely goes to bed before midnight
31.He always smells good
32.He keeps every box that any appliance/electrical good comes in
33.He is almost always incredibly calm and rational
34.He has great taste in women
35.He is a fantastic Catch.

Happy Birthday Willy.


Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely man with the great taste in females!

The take-away phone thing? Seriously. Why do men find that so hard to do? Drives me nuts. When I have a night off from cooking, I want a night off. That should mean he phones it through, he picks it up. Instead I phone it through, we get home delivery.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

happy birthday willy. point number 28 was way more than I ever wanted to know about him though.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Shannon said...

And after reading his diary - you know he wants to visit EVERY Disneyland in the world because they are SO GOOD....!!

Oh poor Willy and his little stumpy fingers, his annoying gadgets and inability to BBQ.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Bronnie said...

Goodness, I just read this, and another one of your posts (the lovely little Saf eating chocolate! - I too eat Heath's lolly supplies, and hide chocolate in the cupboard and eat it behind his back, although he smells it on me for over 15 minutes afterwards, saying 'mummmy, what's that chocolate smell on your mouth'! Your husband is a type 1 diabetic as well! I really hope your little ones stay free of it, and that they have your pancreas genes, and not their dad's it is a tough thing! I am hoping that my little Jessica has enough of my pancreas genes, because we think the diabetes comes from Stuart's side of the family, and Heath is such a dead ringer for his dad, but Jessie is more like me)...

Bronnie (aka Stomper Girl's little sis)

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

I really enjoyed reading about Willy, happy belated birthday to him! The phoning through take away thing....that is the same in this house too!! It must be a gene men have.

10:06 AM  
Blogger h&b said...

Oh yay - I can finally comment ( your blog hates me, I swear ! )

Happy Birthday, Willy.
Gotta love a bloke who loves his chicks !! He looks a bit of a dish too - bonus.

I'm a bit concerned about the 'ball curry' though. I think i'll pass on that recipe request ...

8:31 AM  

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