Monday, July 30, 2007

Since posting nice embarrassing pictures from the beyond seem to be the order of the day I thought I would share my own - my sister and I aaalloonng time ago. How sad at such a young age I managed to have a considerable sized bouffant - noice. My mums excuse for not growing my hair until I was thirteen was " your face was too small" - excellent work, I just loved being mistaken for a boy. Especially went I would be sent down on my malvern star to the local milkbar to get my dads cigarettes - or even better - just some tally-ho's. The milkbar man would always hand over the packet of fags saying "there you go son". No issues there.

Anyhoo things that have been happening in my world lately -

1. Stupid f#@%ing doctors who LOST my daughters test results and we now have to have them alllllll re-done. So looking forward to that trip into the Royal Children's hospital.NOT. And then having to wait a-n-o-t-h-e-r 6-8 weeks to get the results.

2. Getting pulled over by the police at 8.55am (rushing to school) because I turned into a street that had a big sign saying "no right hand turn between 7am & 9am".oops. (guess I got away with it for half the year..)and Violet crying in the back seat thinking they were going to put me into jail.

3.My husband getting back from Bangkok with some Victoria Beckham Knock off jeans for moi. (Now all I need is anorexia for Christmas ... just joking)

4. Getting lots of cards done for some of my new customers - here is a peek -

Off to do more cutting and pasting..


Blogger a little magpie said...

Thanks, the first time I have laughed today, crappy day. I have much worse photos with worse hairstyles. What was wrong with our mothers??? I think they were very scissor happy. I have very excruciating memories of mum getting the scissors out and cutting a very crooked very short fringe on more than one occassion!!!

7:52 PM  
Blogger Fairlie said...

I had the short-hair "there you go, son" experience too. Little girls *need* hair that is at least shoulder-length.

The shirt-cards are great!

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Shannon said...

I thought mum cut your hair because you had too many cow licks?

And anyway, why are you smelling me in that photo?? if we gave you an affro that picture could be off Lola and Sadie. Oh and maybe if we move VMammy outta the background...

8:41 PM  
Blogger Em said...

so sorry about those test results... what a pain!

Hey, you were a cutie!!

10:08 PM  
Anonymous 2paw said...

I had short hair as achild too, then I grew it long until I could sit on it. Sadly, real life intervened and I had to cut it off.
Love the cards!!!!
Are you off on 'virtual' tour with your new jeans?? Spice Girl???

10:21 PM  
Blogger samantha said...

hey son, those jeans are looking good :) should have bought those shoes today - push up bra and trendy bob you already have - oh and the soccer star husband!!

11:05 PM  
Blogger shula said...

Ah, the good old days.

When 6 year olds could buy fags over the counter....

You're bringing it all back to me.

12:27 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

I can't believe they lost the results. Hope they don't this time. Love the shirt cards!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Uli said...

I love the cards, and I too went through the boy hair phase - "we must keep it short because it's so thin", just what you want between ages 8 and 13... And when I was finally allowed to grow it out I was stuck with a mullet for a couple of years...

11:24 AM  
Blogger Stomper Girl said...

I used to get sent up the shop to get my parent's fags as well. No-one called me son though.

As for the rest :
1. How can they have lost the test results??? That is insane.
2. Poor Violet! Did her tears get you out of a ticket?
3.Can you post a photo of the jeans?
4.Love the gingham shirts.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Claire Falkingham said...

and tiny little hands...I can relate to the hair cut, our mother's had all sorts of justifications - mine said we couldn't look after it, but Marcia Brady did an excellent job with hers!

12:16 PM  
Blogger nutmeg said...

Gosh you do lovely work - the cards that is!

I am sure my daughters would completely freak out if I was pulled over by the police, seeing I use it as a threat, well, a lot, while driving the car - to get them to quiet down etc etc ;-) "Don't take my mum to goal please. I'll never pull my sister's hair or squeal again in the car, please....."

Well, that's the stuff my girls will carry forward into adult life! My stuff includes my short hair as well. "... there you go son..." has me cracking up, still. I don't wish to laugh at your pain. The line I heard was "... you can have a go when the young fella gets off ..." - yes, young fella being, well, me! That was the absolute LAST millisecond I had short hair. I don't think I will ever be able to have it short again.

Also, sad to read about your daughter having to go through all those tests again - hard for you all.

9:12 PM  
Blogger M said...

My "short hair" experiences are burned into my memory. Mum cut off my long hair twice: when they went overseas and left us kids with our grandparents and when I went to boarding school. The first time I was eight but the second time I was twelve. I really should've fought back that time. Imagine trying to cut a 12 year old's hair now - probably a criminal offence.

9:30 PM  
Blogger bluemountainsmary said...

here via fairlie as I cracked up when I read your "in love with a man on death row " tv comment. What an up and down time you are having at the moment - off to read more of your blog - Mary

4:57 PM  
Blogger h&b said...

Was that Bennett's Corner Store ?

Sure sounds like it.

Mr Bennett always called me 'son'. At school on the bus, someone else mistook me for Brett Thomas once, and some other kids laughed.


I was allowed to grow my hair 'when i could learn to look after it myself'. So in effect, when I was like 15.

At least I had boobs then.
Man-boobs. Natch.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

Your hair looks enormous in that photo compared to the rest of you. My mum used to cut my hair as well like a nufnuf and yet my sister had an adorable hairstyle. so unfair

6:53 PM  
Blogger Sheeps Clothing said...

I have really short hair and was once mistaken for a man by a prostitute in a bar in Bangkok. I have worn lots of makeup and push up bras ever since...
I love the new cards. I gave one of your gingham shirt ones along with one of my hats to a friend's daughter for her 1st birthday. Everyone commented how lovely the card was (the hat too, but that's just bragging!)

11:53 AM  
Blogger Sheeps Clothing said...

Oh, and another thing...
I got pulled over by the police a few weeks back, also on the school run. I got really nervous (guilty conscience?) and started laughing hysterically. Naturally, they made me blow in the bag.
Conor said he was going to tell everyone about it at show and tell. Haven't been able to look the teacher in the eye since..

11:55 AM  
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